Property Rights and Property Taxes—and Countries That Don’t Have Them

This reminds me of the story of an an old sharecropper who was given the deed to a house free and clear with no mortgage.  He said he didn't want it. Instead he wanted a mortgage. When asked why he said once his brother had the deed to a house and … [Read more...]

Retirement Investments Affected By U.S. Taxes

Many people dream of retiring at the earliest possible date with the expectation that their investments will provide them with a steady income for the next few decades. But as soon as they put in their papers and go to collect their last … [Read more...]

Trends: Estate Planning Changing

Estate planning is always evolving before our eyes. Tax laws change from year to year and laws passed in 2012 have carried an abundance of consequences. Obviously the more money you have the more significance estate planning tends to carry.  How … [Read more...]

New Factors Affecting Your Business this Tax Season

In the current tax season, one of the greatest challenges of business, especially in the US, is the inevitable tax increase especially since the government is likely to implement the increases hand in hand with government spending cuts. This … [Read more...]

Tax Deferred Retirement- 401k, IRAs and More

Tax Deferred Retirement Income Being able to live a comfortable life once you retire is easier said than done in today's economy. Many people who thought they were going to be able to retire were caught off-guard when the financial markets took a … [Read more...]

Amazon vs. City Hall

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD My local newspaper ran a story about the escalating battle between and the state of California. At issue is the collection of sales tax: Governor Jerry Brown signed a law requiring online retailers to collect … [Read more...]

No Way Out

By Doug Casey, Casey Research I really dislike sounding inflammatory. Saying that things are going to go terribly wrong runs a risk of being classed with those who think the world will end in December 2012 because of something Nostradamus or the … [Read more...]

Time to Go Global

By Chris Wood, Editor, Casey Research Here at Casey Research, we really don’t enjoy being a buzz-kill. It’s just that we think it’s more important for investors to be well informed about the reality in which we find ourselves today than it is to … [Read more...]

Six Months Until the Largest Tax Hikes in History

From Americans for Tax Reform: By Ryan Ellis In just six months, the largest tax hikes in the history of America will take effect. They will hit families and small businesses in three great waves on January 1, 2011: First Wave: Expiration of … [Read more...]

Taxes and More Government Oppression

How the Government Tries to Fleece You and What You Can Do About It By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research After a relaxing Thanksgiving break, I anticipated to return to work in a lighter frame of mind. However, the following item … [Read more...]