Bigger Than 10% Correction Ahead

The date was March of 2009, the mood was decidedly bearish, Robert Prechter seemed like the lone Bull calling for a rally from that point.  And that is precisely what we got. In April 2010 the mood had changed, the media was Bullish but Bob turned … [Read more...]

How Elliott Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

The Wave Principle identifies trend, countertrend, maturity of a trend -- and more. by Editorial Staff The following article is an excerpt from Elliott Wave International's Trader's Classroom Collection. Every trader, every analyst and every … [Read more...]

At $1000 is Gold Expensive?

With Gold over $1000 and at all time nominal high prices many are wondering if Gold is overpriced. If we look at the inflation adjusted price of Gold we see that even at $1000 it is still only about half-way to its all time highs. For more … [Read more...]

Is Prechter of Elliottwave a “PermaBear”?

By Tim McMahon, Editor I recently was talking to a fellow investor at a conference and I mentioned that we carried quite a few articles from Elliott Wave International on this site.  The gentleman I was speaking with commented that he had the … [Read more...]

What is the “Elliott Wave Principle”?

In the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott, a corporate accountant by profession, studied price movements in the financial markets and observed that certain patterns repeat themselves. He offered proof of his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock … [Read more...]

The Bounce is Aging, but the Depression is Young

By Bob Prechter The following is an excerpt from Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Theorist. On February 23, EWT called for the S&P to bottom in the 600s and then begin a sharp rally, the biggest since the 2007 high. The S&P bottomed at … [Read more...]

Elliott Wave Books

Anyone who has spent much time on this site is familiar with Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave. His fantastic team has been providing us with individual articles and links to some excellent information over at Their experienced … [Read more...]

Can the Government Stop Another Great Depression?

The following article is excerpted from a recent issue Elliott Wave International’s Financial Forecast. Elliott Wave International (EWI) is offering the full 10-page issue, entitled “The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read in 2009,” free … [Read more...]