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Using these three charts you can get a good feel for not only the economy but the stock markets as well.

With commodities in general skyrocketing in price (or the dollar devaluing) one way to tell what the real value of something is, is to compare it with something else.

Other Trend Charts:

Two highly volatile commodities that are always in the news are Gold and Oil. So to tell how they compare we have prepared a Gold vs Oil chart.  This can be thought of as the number of barrels of oil an ounce of gold will buy.


Moore Inflation Predictor

NYSE Rate Of Change

NASDAQ Rate Of Change

The Moore Inflation Predictor© (MIP) is a highly accurate graphical representation forecasting the future direction of the inflation rate. It has a 97%+ accuracy rate on forecasting inflation rate direction & turning points. And over 90% of the time the inflation rate falls within the projected “likely” range and 7% of the time it falls within the “possible” range. The NYSE Rate of Change (ROC) chart is very helpful in getting the “big picture” view quickly. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very applicable to this chart. Once you understand how to read the ROC chart you can easily spot the direction of the market which makes it easy for you to know whether you want to be invested in the market or not. The NASDAQ Rate of Change (ROC) chart like the NYSE ROC will help you see the “big picture” of the market. Looking at this chart will quickly tell you when the market is gaining or losing money over the year or just breaking even. It quickly tells you when the rate of return is gaining or falling and generates only a few buy/sell signals so they should be heeded when they happen.
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