Doug Casey: “Gold Stocks Are About to Create a Whole New Class of Millionaires”

By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst Bear markets always end. Has this one? Evidence is mounting that the bottom for gold may be in. While there's still risk, there's a new air of bullishness in the industry, something we haven't seen … [Read more...]

Investment Strategies for Gold Stocks

The Only Way to Win with Gold Stocks While I have read certain works on the life and ponderings of Buddha, I claim no deep knowledge of his philosophy. Note that I didn't use the word "religion," because Buddha himself claimed no supernatural … [Read more...]

Will Gold Stocks Rise Again?

Why Are We Certain that Gold Producers Will Soar? By Jeff Clark, Casey Research For the past eighteen months, gold stocks have been pummeled. They showed some life from mid-May to mid-June – GDX, the gold miner's index, was up 21%, while … [Read more...]

Is now the time to invest in gold and gold stocks?

Gold’s “Contrarian Moment” By David Galland, Casey Research Glancing at the news most days, it's hard not to feel like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day. In the event you are unfamiliar with the movie, in it Murray's character becomes … [Read more...]

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Should you buy physical gold or gold stocks now?

Jeff Clark of Casey Research explains why you should be buying gold stocks now rather than physical gold. ~editor What Is Volume Telling Us about Gold Stocks? By Jeff Clark, Casey Research I've read articles from more than one analyst claiming … [Read more...]

A New Reason Gold Stocks Will Soar

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research There are a number of reasons why many of us believe gold stocks will shoot for the moon before this bull market is over – they've done so many times in the past… the gold price still has a long way to climb… and … [Read more...]

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Gold Stocks: Still a Bargain

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research We've been saying since September that gold producers are undervalued, and here are some data that show just how extreme the undervaluation is. The following chart measures the stock prices of major and … [Read more...]

What ‘To The Moon’ Will Look Like

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD This may sound sensationalistic, but I think the odds are very high that, on average, gold producers will sell in the $200 range before this bull market is over. With most of them trading between $20 and $40, the returns … [Read more...]

The Gold Investor’s Biggest Risk

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research While we're convinced that our gold and silver investments will pay off, they don't come without risk. What do you suppose is the biggest risk we face? Another 2008-style selloff? Gold stocks never breaking out of … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Load up on Gold Stocks?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research By almost any measure, gold stocks are undervalued. Should we load up? After completing my research on this question, I’m convinced more than ever that we at Casey Research are in the right place. See if you … [Read more...]