Why Aren’t Gold Stocks Out Performing the Metal?

Typically gold stocks out perform the metal itself because of the inherent leverage in a mining stock. If the company breaks even at $400 gold and gold is currently at $500 the company makes $100 for every ounce it mines. But if gold increases by 20% … [Read more...]

No Way Out

By Doug Casey, Casey Research I really dislike sounding inflammatory. Saying that things are going to go terribly wrong runs a risk of being classed with those who think the world will end in December 2012 because of something Nostradamus or the … [Read more...]

Gold might go up by an order of magnitude or more

As the world sinks deeper into what he calls the Greater Depression, Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey sees default on the U.S. national debt as inevitable—albeit probably in the guise of currency destruction. He anticipates further contraction in … [Read more...]