Empower Yourself! How to Achieve Unlimited Success

Reviewed by Tim McMahon, editor

Can you Change Your Mind and Harness the power of your brain to Develop Unshakable Confidence, Tap into your hidden talents, create “instant Rapport” with strangers, eliminate procrastination, get more done with less effort?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it this way, “Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your promotion.” Or in other words, you are in control of your thoughts! You can change them if you know how!

Have you ever given consideration to the idea that, thoughts are habits of the mind? We get into a rut of always thinking the same thoughts. In response to a certain stimulus we think the same thought. If someone cuts us off while driving do we respond, “What an idiot” or “That guy is going to cause an accident” or “Who was his driving instructor?”

Some people might respond by zooming up behind him and tailgating him. Most people would agree that this is an unhealthy response. It could cause an accident. Might actually surviving such an accident change his future response? Would he learn that it is a dangerous activity and not to do it anymore?

Certainly we are intelligent beings, we can learn and change our responses. Could we change our response without having an accident? Is it possible to recondition our minds away from unhealthy responses and toward healthy responses?

Imagine actually taking back control of your mind and not being a victim of your previous conditioning. Would you be interested in learning how to recondition your mind and have the ability to choose the responses you feel would produce the best results? How about being able to just throw away the bad (harmful, dangerous) responses? Do you think that ability would be beneficial?

Recently, I listened to a tape series that has taught me that your mind is the only thing you can really control. You can’t completely control your circumstances; there are always factors beyond you. But you can control how you react to them and that is what makes us human. This tape set teaches you how to become truly human and take control of your mind and your reactions rather than being a victim of your own thoughts.

This amazing audio series by Robert G. Allen has done more to change my thinking than almost anything I have ever seen (or heard). Although the title is Empower Yourself!….and Your Downline don’t let that scare you off, it is a great program even if you don’t have a downline! The series was originally produced for a group of Multi-level Marketers and we all know that they need a great deal of motivation but this series provides much more than just motivation.

The subtitle (How to Achieve Unlimited Success) probably says it all. I enjoy listening to a variety of audios while driving and often found myself riveted to the car almost tempted to drive around the block to hear the rest of the truly mind expanding secrets on each one.

My favorite secret from this series is the “Secret of the Gold Medal Champions” and how they visualize their goals rather than just setting them like ordinary people do. I’m sure you’ve been there, (I know I have), New Years Day arrives and you make a resolution (goal) and before the week is out you’ve already given up! Is this what an Olympic Champion would do? Of course not!

Somehow Champions have discovered the secret of “Stick-to-it-iv-ness” or persistence… not giving up! Do you think if you had more of this you could be a Champion too? Winston Churchill was well known for his speaking ability and once gave a graduation speech at Harrow School in England. The basis of the speech was “never, never, never, never … never give in.”

In today’s speech we would say “Never give up” or “Don’t quit”. Would you like to know the secret of developing this type of persistence?

Well by using this secret of developing persistence, you can kiss those broken resolutions good-bye! I love it! This is actually the secret many Gold Medal Olympic Champions used to achieve their Gold Medals!

In addition to persistence, how would you like an unlimited stockpile of “Confidence”? Another of my Favorite lessons on this tape series is the “Confidence Bank” this mind game shows you how to save up confidence so that you can tap into it whenever you are feeling a bit less than confident! And the amazing thing about it is that it works for other positive attitudes too! You can stockpile any attitude not just confidence. How would you like more determination, or patience, or self-control? This method will work for all of them, or any other positive attitude you decide to develop.

I have come to believe that Self-Image is one of the most important characteristics of a winner. What if you have a poor Self-Image? Does that mean that you are doomed to a life of mediocrity? Most motivational books tell you that you need to have a positive self-image. But they never tell you how to get it!

But this series actually walks you through the steps necessary to develop a positive self-image. You are not going to believe this one! Recently while driving my 12 year old daughter to school, she was complaining about being unpopular. I had just listened to this tape series and had been struck by the thought that popularity in school is a function of self-confidence. I think the popular kids get to be popular simply because they are more self-confident than the other kids.

I explained these steps to my daughter and I showed her how to become self-confident. A few days later she came home absolutely glowing! She was no longer one of the unpopular kids! I asked her how it happened. She said, the popular kids had said something unkind to her and she made a snappy self-confident comeback. Believe it or not that was all it took! One of the most popular boys said, “I can’t believe you said that… you’re OK! And from that point on she has been popular! It seems almost too simple to be true, but that is exactly what happened!

In addition to your self-confidence, can you believe that you can easily change your Self-Image? Would you believe that it is possible to adjust “The Self Image knobs” and actually very simply change how you see yourself and others? It is truly amazing how this works!

If you are like me, before I heard this tape, you are probably saying it is impossible! You are born with your Self-Image. That is exactly what I thought, or at least that is what I would have thought… if I had thought about it.

I would never have believed it possible to change your self-image except by slowly and methodically succeeding at something, until after a long effort I had built up my self-confidence. It seems logical that we can build our self-confidence slowly but not quickly. But “Empower Yourself” actually takes you step by step through the process of “Changing your Mind” as simply as turning a few knobs! This section alone is worth the price of the set!

One of the stories Bob tells is of a young woman who had been diagnosed with an extremely painful case of “Endometriosis” and was unable to have children. She was attending one of his seminars and was in obvious pain. At one of the breaks he showed her some of the mind games that we can consciously play with ourselves to counteract the games our mind plays with us unconsciously. This game allowed her to turn down the negative voice inside her and turn up the positive voice and unbelievably; he said he could actually see the pain on her face subside. Even more remarkably, he said that a mere six months later she was pregnant! It is truly amazing what the mind can do.

In another story he tells how he helped his young son overcome a fear that kept waking him in the middle of the night. He has used these same mind games to help people who are deathly afraid of crowds to be able to speak in front of hundreds of people with just a few minutes of work! These are people who had spent years paralyzed by fear! I know if you are afraid of crowds, or water or whatever, you will find it hard to believe, it certainly does sound pretty unbelievable when I tell it, but after hearing the method, and trying it myself I have to admit it makes so much sense I can’t even tell you. I’m simply at a loss for words.

All in all I have found this tape set to be almost invaluable. Just curing one fear could cost you thousands of dollars and hours upon hours if you went to a Psychiatrist. You could spend thousands more if you hired a personal trainer to teach you the methods of becoming a Champion presented in this tape set.

How much would you give to see your 12 year old not have to suffer the constant teasing of classmates?

What long-term effects will that transition to a position of self-confidence have? Could it help her set her sights higher and achieve greater things in life?

Perhaps you were teased as a child and would like to learn how to erase the effects even now? It is possible!

You could easily expect to pay hundreds of dollars for this set! And it would be well worth it. But believe it or not this tape set is only $24.95! He should be charging three times that much! I give this program 5 Stars!

Empower Yourself!….and Your Downline (How to Achieve Unlimited Success)

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