Trends: Kenya Oil

Ever since it was alleged that Obama was born in Kenya, the African country appears to be in the news more and more. Recently, there was a terrorist attack at a shopping mall and even more recently allegations that the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) that … [Read more...]

Will Africa Finally Shed its “Dark Continent” Image?

For centuries now, Africa has been a wild and unknown place full of impenetrable jungles and steeped in mystery earning it the name the "Dark Continent". Several countries in Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, and Rwanda  are embarking on … [Read more...]

Oil in Tunisia?- Should Tunisia be on Energy Investors Watch List?

Major oil companies like Shell have have been jumping at the chance to acquire ground in this former French protectorate that had been neglected for decades. For the first time, major spending has been committed to test Tunisian basins which could be … [Read more...]

New Energy Trend in Japan?

Trends in Energy-- In the wake of the massive nuclear tragedy in Japan the unthinkable has happened in a nation known for their efficiency of design. This is causing the entire nation and possibly the world to re-evaluate their energy choices. Is … [Read more...]

The Hungry Dragon: China’s New Oil Market

By Marin Katusa, Chief Investment Strategist, Energy Division If you ever happen to eavesdrop on a conversation between energy investors, two words are sure to crop up – China and oil. Usually, they’re used together and usually, it’s about China’s … [Read more...]