America’s Biggest Banks: How Safe Are They?

"The Coming Worldwide Bank run" Lost in the clamor over the central banks' "let there be liquidity" pronouncement, Standard & Poor's just downgraded fifteen major U.S. and European banks. The downgrade doesn't mean Bank of America, Goldman … [Read more...]

Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt

By Bud Conrad, Casey Research Foreign central banks buy US Treasury and Agency debt through accounts at the Federal Reserve, where it is held in custody. Without these central banks buying our debt, the US federal government would have to find a … [Read more...]

Will Gold Get Scarce?

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD We've got it easy right now. Click or call, and you can quickly and conveniently own a gold coin or bar. But if global concerns cause another panic or the dollar breaks down, you could find yourself standing in a line at … [Read more...]

Central Banks Push Up the Gold Price

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research For some years now, Doug Casey has gone on record with his view that we’ll know the gold bull market is really picking up steam when central banks stop selling their reserves of gold and begin … [Read more...]

Has It Paid To “Follow” the Fed?

 An Excerpt from Conquer the Crash by Robert Prechter Yes, that's a provocative question. Think of all the people who would squirm if they had to answer it. For example, you'd see lots of squirming on Wall Street and in the media. They told … [Read more...]