On Halloween, the Bank of Japan Did Something Scary

In today's post Grant Williams looks at the recent actions of the Bank of Japan and their attempt to break free of the deflationary spiral they have been on for more than 20 years. Back in April of 2013 Abenomics was born and Japan began boosting … [Read more...]

The Japanese Monetary Crisis

In today's article John Mauldin describes Japan's economy as "a bug in search of a windshield" and when you look at their monetary situation you wonder how they could possibly have gone this long with the inevitable smash-up. John believes that 2013 … [Read more...]

Trends: Which Way Will Japanese Economy Go?

Japanese Economy Japan has been the number 2 economy in the world for 40 years but in 2010 it fell to 3rd place as the economy of China has continued to grow while Japan has stagnated for the last decade.  Japan has an aging population and a mature … [Read more...]

Japan’s Debt

Cashing In On Japan’s Debt Conundrum? By Robert Ross, Casey Research On the heels of Fitch's sovereign credit downgrade to A plus (the fifth-highest investment grade), Japan's government debt continues to swell. With its debt at over 200% of … [Read more...]

Economy Trends Toward Greater Depression

It's important to continue to check our economic compass and keep a constant eye on the direction our economy and the world in general are headed. This will help to determine any adjustments necessary in our portfolios and/or our entire financial … [Read more...]

New Energy Trend in Japan?

Trends in Energy-- In the wake of the massive nuclear tragedy in Japan the unthinkable has happened in a nation known for their efficiency of design. This is causing the entire nation and possibly the world to re-evaluate their energy choices. Is … [Read more...]