Retirees Working for Good

One trend that has been in progress for quite some time now is the aging of the population. We all know that people are living longer and spending a greater portion of their life as retirees. As long as they have saved enough to provide them with a … [Read more...]

Kiss Your Pension Goodbye!

By Dennis Miller In July 2007, our national debt was $8.9 trillion. Six years later, it has nearly doubled to $16.7 trillion. The cancer has metastasized. While the fiscal cancer continues to grow, pensioners are about to battle another type of … [Read more...]

All Work and No Play for UK’s Future Pensioners

One in five British people fear they will never be able to retire. Britons feel more disheartened at the prospect of their retirement (or lack of) than citizens from any other country in the world. A global survey by HSBC revealed that 19% of … [Read more...]

Retirement Investments Affected By U.S. Taxes

Many people dream of retiring at the earliest possible date with the expectation that their investments will provide them with a steady income for the next few decades. But as soon as they put in their papers and go to collect their last … [Read more...]

Do You Have Enough Retirement Income to Not Worry?

Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable but it is difficult to enjoy it if you have to worry about money. In recent years retirement has changed. Previously, pensions were common and when you retired you could rely on a steady income for the rest of … [Read more...]

Preparing for Retirement at 30-Something?

Retirement- While in your 30s most of us are not concerned with retirement or how you will make ends meet when you are 65. But it is more important than you know to start early in order to get your ducks in a row to make sure your golden years are, … [Read more...]

Tax Deferred Retirement- 401k, IRAs and More

Tax Deferred Retirement Income Being able to live a comfortable life once you retire is easier said than done in today's economy. Many people who thought they were going to be able to retire were caught off-guard when the financial markets took a … [Read more...]

Do You Need to Know Financial Trends to Plan for Retirement?

By Tim McMahon, editor When planning for retirement, most financial planners make a lot of assumptions about financial trends and how much money you will spend per year. They estimate the average inflation rate, the average return on your … [Read more...]