Major Disaster Developing For Bond Holders

Long-term U.S. Treasury bonds have fallen 7% in value since November 1 and municipal bonds have fallen 6%. "Safe" investments like Treasury's and Munis are not supposed to crash they are the mainstay of widows and orphans. So What's happening? For … [Read more...]

The Next Investment Disaster

By Susan C. Walker When money market funds, mutual funds and CDs yield next to nothing, the old itch to find higher yields kicks in. That may be why Bloomberg has had a field day reporting on the latest attempts to find higher yields. For example, … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Now is Not the Time to Speculate in Stocks

After the investment winter of 2008, in 2009 as stocks began showing some "green shoots" and looked a bit like spring, 2010 has looked a bit like Summer or Autumn with prices flattening out and going nowhere.  Does that mean that investment Winter is … [Read more...]

Stocks and Commodities Stronger than Bonds

The Long-Term Case for Stocks and Commodities By Chris Ciovacco In their understandably concerned state of mind in the present day, investors may have lost sight of the longer-term drivers of asset prices. Bonds, especially U.S. Treasuries, have … [Read more...]

Stocks Setting up for Big Slide

By Tim McMahon, editor Historically whenever the 10-year Treasury yield drops 1.2% over a short period of time a bear market for stocks resulted within two months  .  This signal presaged steep market crashes in 1990, 2000, and 2007. The … [Read more...]

Why are my “I-Bonds” paying so little?

  Recently I received this question about I-bonds. I-bonds are inflation adjusted Treasury bonds. The amount they pay is adjusted twice a year to compensate for the effects of inflation. I am a holder of Treasury I bonds (adjusts to the CPI … [Read more...]