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Will India Stop Buying Gold?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research We've read mixed reports about how lofty gold and silver prices are affecting demand in India. One month we're told demand is up, and the next it's supposedly down. I'm not suggesting that official reports are … [Read more...]

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ETFs: Do You Really Know What You’re Buying?

By Vedran Vuk, Casey Research Exchange-traded funds have been all the rage in recent years – they are easy to buy, easy to sell, and often have lower expense ratios than index mutual funds. But the Casey Research team dug deep into the complex … [Read more...]

The Pesky Details of Prospectus Disclosure

By Vedran Vuk, Casey Research In the infamous case of the Goldman Sachs Abacus 2007 AC-1 fund, it doesn't take a whole lot to figure out the wrongdoing. Paulson & Co., a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, helped select the mortgage-backed … [Read more...]

Is the United States Headed Down Europe’s Financial Road?

Europe's economy is contracting The recent Greek debt deal produced a big collective sigh of relief, plus some cheers for that massive liquidity injection into Europe's banking system. It was time to grab a glass and offer a toast to the coming … [Read more...]

Mounting Debt and Lower Salaries – A Persisting Trend for Grads

College education is costly and a majority of students have had to compromise on the college they choose to attend simply because they can't afford the fees. Even at less expensive colleges, most students finish college with massive amounts of … [Read more...]

Capital Safety: Is There Such a Thing as “TOO Safe”?

We all know that the stock market has been rising for 3 years. Many economic measures -- unemployment, consumer spending and confidence, etc. -- also show strong improvement. Yet is that a good reason to stay bullish on stocks? What a silly … [Read more...]

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

By Doug Casey, Casey Research An International Man lives and does business wherever he finds conditions most advantageous, regardless of arbitrary borders. He's diversified globally, with passports from multiple countries, assets in several … [Read more...]

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Iran Says “Gold Is Money”

By Louis James, Casey Research Economic crises signal that the current system isn't working as expected and needs improvement. When it comes to monetary systems, questioning their fundamentals can lead to doubts about whether the preferred medium … [Read more...]

Are the Efforts of the World Central Banks Working?

The Fed is not the world's only central bank dealing with debt. Watch as Steve Hochberg, EWI's chief market analyst, shows what has happened to GDP in countries around the world as other central banks try to "inject liquidity" into the … [Read more...]

Casey Research Recommended Reading

By Robert Ross, Casey Research We at Casey Research are often asked, "What books have had the biggest impact on your investing philosophy?" To find out, we took a quick, informal poll of our most prominent economists, editors, and analysts to see … [Read more...]