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Cyprus Banks and the Rise of Neo-Feudalism

Even though the Central Bank of Cyprus is showing the world – in stark naked detail – how governments will deal with their debt problems, there is no general panic. Panicos Demetriades the governor of Cyprus' central bank goes about his … [Read more...]

Stock Market Basics

Bulls and Bears Whenever the stock markets set new highs, a whole universe of business pundits and supposed experts pontificate on the meaning and consequences of the records. Some are bears that predict a coming collapse; others, the bulls, point … [Read more...]

How Diplomacy Is Affecting Foreign Investments

The business world is closely tied to the world of politics, with trade liable to be put in peril or even shut down at a moment's notice if a nation's government puts a lid on it. Diplomatic efforts can either grease the wheels of individual … [Read more...]

Learning from Past Mistakes like Groupthink

People who cannot learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.This popular adage rings true for your business too. As such, business owners must take deliberate measures to avoid repeating past mistakes to secure success in the future. After due … [Read more...]

New Factors Affecting Your Business this Tax Season

In the current tax season, one of the greatest challenges of business, especially in the US, is the inevitable tax increase especially since the government is likely to implement the increases hand in hand with government spending cuts. This … [Read more...]

Advances in Health Technology

The only thing Constant in Life is change. Those who adapt quickest thrive... Those who adapt slowly survive... Those who don't adapt at all... are relegated to the lowest levels of existence... Poverty and misery. The key to success is to adapt … [Read more...]

Alternatives to Trading in a Shaky Economy

Almost six years later, the recession of 2007-2008 hovers on the edge of rearing its ugly head again unless the major world economies find a way to stabilize and steadily grow. The unemployment rate and the American economy have had some relief, … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn from the Crisis In Cyprus

Often we take the ability to access our funds in the bank for granted. But it wasn't always this way. Throughout history there have been runs on the bank. People fear that they won't be able to get their money out and all rush to the bank at once to … [Read more...]

Do You Have Enough Retirement Income to Not Worry?

Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable but it is difficult to enjoy it if you have to worry about money. In recent years retirement has changed. Previously, pensions were common and when you retired you could rely on a steady income for the rest of … [Read more...]

Car Sales Are Increasing?

With the current state of the global economy, many businesses within all sectors around the world are struggling to make a profit. Well known businesses are closing or going into bankruptcy almost every other day, so it is surprising to learn that … [Read more...]