Economic Insights from a Lord of Finance

By David Galland, The Casey Report Of all the social memes related to the economic and investment landscape, none is more dominant than that there is a small cadre of powerful Wall Street money men who, working behind the scenes, effectively … [Read more...]

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A Rising Market Won’t Stop the “Economic Rot” Beneath

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A Rising Market Won’t Stop the “Economic Rot” Beneath

Are you prepared for when the "disconnect" between the market and economy reconnects? Suppose you see a lovely house -- one with great curb appeal. It has new paint and manicured shrubbery out front. But also suppose that you look more closely. … [Read more...]

Crashing Markets, Credit Downgrades- What Comes Next?

Tragic news about the United States economic atmosphere has been inescapable throughout the country and world for quite some time now. With constant debate over raising the debt ceiling, shocking losses in the stock market, devastating unemployment … [Read more...]

Compromise, D.C.-Style

By Vedran Vuk, Senior Analyst, Casey Research With a last-minute debt deal reached, I’m reminded of two holy words in Washington: “compromise” and “bipartisanship.” It’s amazing that the political elite have so twisted the English language as to … [Read more...]

What Will Happen If The Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised?

According to former GOP Senator Judd Gregg, the U.S. government borrows 41 cents out of every dollar it spends. In other words, if they can't borrow any more money it means they have to cut 41% of the budget. According to Gregg, “The practical … [Read more...]

Economy Trends Toward Greater Depression

It's important to continue to check our economic compass and keep a constant eye on the direction our economy and the world in general are headed. This will help to determine any adjustments necessary in our portfolios and/or our entire financial … [Read more...]

Long Term Economic Trends

Here at Financial Trend Forecaster we are always looking at global trends trying to project the future based on the recent past. We believe that the wise thing to do is to evaluate all the options so that we will be prepared no matter what happens. … [Read more...]

Precious Metals vs. the USD

An interview with Karen Roche of The Gold Report One sure upshot of the quantitative easing money flooding the stock market will be further distortions, chaos and unpredictability that make the value-investing proposition difficult, if not … [Read more...]

Later Is Now: Profiting from Rising Interest Rates

By Terry Coxon, The Casey Report In the fall of 2008, the Federal Reserve responded to the Lehman bankruptcy by igniting a rapid expansion in the U.S. money supply. It did so because, by its lights, the immediate and obvious menace to the economy … [Read more...]