The Fed’s Alice In Wonderland Economy – What’s Next?

By Nick Giambruno After the president of the United States, the most powerful person on the planet is the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Ask almost anyone on the street for the name of the U.S. president, and you’ll get a quick … [Read more...]

Have you heard about the Fed’s 180 degree turn?

How the Federal Reserve is Showing Financial Fear Think about one of those movie scenes when the leading man does all he can to defeat the big, bad enemy -- punches, kicks, slams, stabs, shoots -- but the bad guy just won't go down. In fact he … [Read more...]

The Fed’s sole purpose: keeping the banks afloat

Is the Federal Reserve really doing such a bad job… or does it actually do exactly what it's supposed to do, but the average American is in the dark about what that is? In this explosive video, Casey Summit speaker G. Edward Griffin, author of The … [Read more...]

America’s Biggest Banks: How Safe Are They?

"The Coming Worldwide Bank run" Lost in the clamor over the central banks' "let there be liquidity" pronouncement, Standard & Poor's just downgraded fifteen major U.S. and European banks. The downgrade doesn't mean Bank of America, Goldman … [Read more...]

Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt

By Bud Conrad, Casey Research Foreign central banks buy US Treasury and Agency debt through accounts at the Federal Reserve, where it is held in custody. Without these central banks buying our debt, the US federal government would have to find a … [Read more...]

A Raging Case of Bailout Fatigue

By Doug Hornig, Casey Research I’ve used the term outrage fatigue on numerous occasions in this forum as a way of trying to explain why there has been such a muted outcry from the general population as the tally of financial atrocities committed … [Read more...]

Later Is Now: Profiting from Rising Interest Rates

By Terry Coxon, The Casey Report In the fall of 2008, the Federal Reserve responded to the Lehman bankruptcy by igniting a rapid expansion in the U.S. money supply. It did so because, by its lights, the immediate and obvious menace to the economy … [Read more...]

The Fed and “Plunge Protection Team”: Are They Manipulating Stocks?

Rumors are, the U.S. government "is propping up the stock market."   By far, the most frequent question we've been asked recently is: "What is your take on the persistent internet chatter that the Federal Reserve is holding up the stock … [Read more...]