A Brief Introduction to High Yield Bonds

Often governments and corporations need to raise capital for a multitude of reasons. To do this they have several channels available. They can borrow from banks, issue stock or borrow from investors or they can issue debt securities in the form of … [Read more...]

What are High Yield Bonds?

High Yield Bonds Many investors who are tired of the fluctuations and whims of the stock market find their way over to the bond market. A bond is a type of debt security issued by a company or Government agency. The nice thing about Investing in … [Read more...]

Are “High Yield Bonds” the Next to Go Up in Flames?

Many have turned to high yield bonds as their investment of choice but are they the next thing to go up in flames? -- editor How a "Dull" Investment Can Be a Great Investment ...until it isn't any more. An important story for today's bond … [Read more...]