Is Capitalism the Problem as Pope Contends?

Papal Fallibility by Bill Bonner Uh oh! The new pope, Francis from the Pampas, has just warned us to beware the "tyranny of capitalism."  Each man worships his own gods. Some worship at the altar of Jesus of Nazareth. Some at the altar of the … [Read more...]

Is Putin Right?

I never thought I'd agree with Putin. And of course he has his own agenda. He is already supplying Syria with the bombs and nerve gas he has so "graciously" offered to monitor... kind of like the fox offering to guard the hen house,  but be that as … [Read more...]

Why the Sell-Off in Gold is Good News

Yesterday, Gold fell by $49 an ounce. From the Financial Times: Gold has tumbled to its lowest level in nearly three years, putting it on track for its biggest quarterly fall since the collapse in 1971 of the Bretton Woods system of exchange rates, … [Read more...]

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

As "Law abiding citizens" we Americans generally view things like participating in the "Black Market" and bribing police officers who stop us on the road as wrong and beneath our dignity. We come from a society that "works" most of the time and … [Read more...]