EU Bites the Hand that Feeds It: Gazprom Bites Back

Natural Gas Trends: Europe- Gazprom has Europe's natural gas market in a stranglehold and Europe is attempting to fight back, first with a raid last year on the Russian giant's offices and then with a probe launched earlier this week against its … [Read more...]

Why Natural Gas Could Displace Gasoline

Natural Gas Trends Massive natural gas discoveries along with new extraction techniques have led many to claim natural gas as the fuel of the future - which could ensure U.S. energy independence, reduce geopolitical risks, and help meet U.S. … [Read more...]

Iran Hopes Exporting Electricity Will Cover for Reduced Oil Demand

Exporting Electricity Against the backdrop of discussions about pending negotiations over its controversial nuclear program and the upcoming deadline of an European embargo on Iranian oil comes a quiet push by the Islamic republic to become a major … [Read more...]