Was the AIG Bailout a Scam?

AIG is suing the Government. At first it seems highly ungrateful for AIG to sue its "White Knight" who swooped in to rescue it in its time of need. But when we look a bit deeper we may find that all is not as it seemed at the time. Republican Senator … [Read more...]

A Raging Case of Bailout Fatigue

By Doug Hornig, Casey Research I’ve used the term outrage fatigue on numerous occasions in this forum as a way of trying to explain why there has been such a muted outcry from the general population as the tally of financial atrocities committed … [Read more...]

Bank Runs Can’t Happen- Right?

By Tim McMahon, editor Banks are considered safe.  This isn't the Great Depression... We have FDIC deposit insurance now so bank runs can happen right? Even the "Urban Dictionary" equates the saying "money in the bank" with reliability. You … [Read more...]

Obama Wants to Control the Banks

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Stuart Varney uncovers an apparently ulterior motive for giving the banks "TARP" money and then refusing to allow repayment!  According to the Wall Street Journal article, the Obama administration is … [Read more...]

The Free Market is Dead

By David Galland Managing Editor, The Casey Report On several occasions of late, I have read or heard the phrase, "We are all Keynesians now," an erudite way of expressing the idea that the free market is dead. And that the fate of the global … [Read more...]

Should GM go Bankrupt? Part 2

Editor's Note: Generally,  I am in favor of letting the "chips fall where they may" and would not be in favor of a bailout for General Motors (GM).  But we must be realistic and be aware that there are consequences for everything. Letting General … [Read more...]

Let GM go Bankrupt? Part 1

a GM bankruptcy is huge. Job losses would go through the roof and could trigger a Global Depression By Charles Delvalle I’m putting myself out on the line, and I feel the risk/reward is more than worth it. If I’m right, you could make 300 percent … [Read more...]