2008 Financial Crisis- Then vs. Now

ARE U.S. BANKS SAFER TODAY THAN THEY WERE IN 2008? By Chris Vermeulen Although the seeds of the 2008 financial crisis were sown at a much earlier period of time, the banking institutions continued to reap the benefits of easy money until the … [Read more...]

How “Paper Gold” Affects the Price of the Metal

Is the Gold market rigged? In today's article, Bud Conrad Chief Economist at Casey Research, takes a look at the 1000 to 1 leverage that the Gold futures market provides and how a few banks can use that to control the Gold market and drive the price … [Read more...]

Will Online Banking Render Tellers Obsolete?

Throughout the history of banks, tellers represented the connection between individuals and their money in a financial institution. They handled deposits, transfers, withdrawals, loans, credit increases and account openings and closures. The … [Read more...]

What Is Backing Your Deposits in the Bank?

Is the bank really the safest place to keep your money? Robert Prechter joins the Mind of Money host Douglass Lodmell to discuss what backs bank deposits and how you can keep your hard-earned money safe. We invite you to watch the interview below. … [Read more...]

Using the MIP to Decide- When to Refinance

The MIP (Moore Inflation Predictor) is our proprietary index that projects future inflation rates one year into the future. It uses a "fan" style with varying level of likelihood that certain rates will be attained. If you are considering … [Read more...]

Bank Runs Can’t Happen- Right?

By Tim McMahon, editor Banks are considered safe.  This isn't the Great Depression... We have FDIC deposit insurance now so bank runs can happen right? Even the "Urban Dictionary" equates the saying "money in the bank" with reliability. You … [Read more...]

Is Your Bank on the “100 Safest” List?

Close to Collapse: Bailed-Out Banks Facing Bankruptcy We want to trust in the financial stability of our bank. After all, most of us have money in these institutions. In spite of our wishful thinking, the tide of bank failures has not stopped. … [Read more...]

Stress Test: How to Find the Safest Banks in the U.S. and Abroad

Stress test results for the biggest European banks were recently released, while the largest U.S. banks took their first stress tests in May 2009. But most people don't really care how much stress their banks are under; they are more worried about … [Read more...]

Fraud at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Group this week reminded everyone why it is one of the biggest names on Wall Street. The firm's first-quarter earnings, released Tuesday, show Goldman netted nearly $3.5 billion. This comes just days after the Securities and Exchange … [Read more...]

Banks are Still Not Healthy

Are Banks Going Bankrupt?  "NO!", say banks By Olivier Garret, CEO, Casey Research On April 21, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the “vast majority” of U.S. banks have more capital than needed. “Currently, the vast majority of banks … [Read more...]