Big Bear Markets: More Than Falling Stock Prices

A look at history shows that when markets go haywire people do some strange things to try to cope.  The mass psychology of an entire country is intricately connected with the state of the markets. We saw a small sample of this in the panic that … [Read more...]

‘Defensive’ Stocks: Are They the Ticket in a Downturn?

In a severe sell-off, 99 percent of ALL stocks can fall. By Elliott Wave International Approximately three out of four stocks go down in a bear market. This ratio doesn't just apply to high beta names; historically, 75 percent of all stocks go down … [Read more...]

Bigger Than 10% Correction Ahead

The date was March of 2009, the mood was decidedly bearish, Robert Prechter seemed like the lone Bull calling for a rally from that point.  And that is precisely what we got. In April 2010 the mood had changed, the media was Bullish but Bob turned … [Read more...]

Is Prechter of Elliottwave a “PermaBear”?

By Tim McMahon, Editor I recently was talking to a fellow investor at a conference and I mentioned that we carried quite a few articles from Elliott Wave International on this site.  The gentleman I was speaking with commented that he had the … [Read more...]

Death of the Dollar?

Editor's Note: The following article is based on analysis from Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist. For more detailed analysis  from Robert Prechter, you can download the Free 75-page "Independent Investor" eBook from Elliott Wave … [Read more...]

20 Year Bear Market?

Tim McMahon, Editor -- Here at Financial Trend Forecaster as our name implies we are very interested in identifying and preparing for long term trends.  Obviously, the earlier you can identify a trend and get aboard the more likely you are to … [Read more...]

Risk Management In Trending Markets Part 1

The old Wall Street saying "The trend is your Friend"  is as true as ever but what does that really mean to your investing? In this article,  Chris Ciovacco shows us how to manage risk by following the trend and using volatility to our advantage … [Read more...]

Special Market Alert! have we seen the bottom? Part 2

Last week I said, "On Wednesday March 12th the market neared its October lows but extremely significantly DID NOT break through to new LOWS! This is extremely Bullish! This is very significant. Even with all the negative news and fears about a WAR … [Read more...]