How Obama’s Policies will Affect Energy Prices

By Marin Katusa,  Chief Strategist, Casey Research Energy Team Casey Energy Opportunities One might think the United States would be charging hard on energy security as well as border and other kinds of security in its Global War on Terror … [Read more...]

The furious stock rally continues… But

The furious stock rally continues. But if you’re considering adding to your stake in the markets, be careful where you tread. On July 23rd the percentage of bulls in the stock market, as measured by the American Association of Individual … [Read more...]

Special Market Alert! have we seen the bottom? Part 2

Last week I said, "On Wednesday March 12th the market neared its October lows but extremely significantly DID NOT break through to new LOWS! This is extremely Bullish! This is very significant. Even with all the negative news and fears about a WAR … [Read more...]