Is Your Vote for Sale?

In the following article Tony Sagami of Uncommon Wisdom, shows how election results can be accurately predicted based on economic factors. In our Misery Index we show how two simple factors like inflation and unemployment were the basis of the … [Read more...]

Things Are About to Get Much Worse for Energy Firms in Argentina

Things Are About to Get Much Worse for Energy Firms in Argentina - Interview with Sam Logan Angering Spain by seizing and nationalizing a majority of Repsol's shares in YPF and ramping up the rhetoric over the Falkland Islands as exploration deals … [Read more...]

Doug Casey: Glowing Prospects for Uranium

On September 22, 2011, Karen Roche and JT Long of The Energy Report interviewed renowned speculator and financial author Doug Casey on his views about uranium. Read here why Doug thinks despite the recent bad press, “yellowcake” has a bright … [Read more...]

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Solar Energy in Uzbekistan

In a wierd twist of fate, Uzbekistan is sitting on a "Gold Mine" of scientific information about solar energy which because of cheap Siberian Oil has been totally worthless... Up until now.  With the world's interest turning to Solar once again this … [Read more...]

China Stops Gobbling Resources

Over the last few years it seems that China couldn't get enough resources. All those U.S. Dollars were burning a hole in their pocket. Almost everywhere you turned China was buying up natural resources. An oil company here, natural resources there … [Read more...]

Natural Gas Trends

It seems that everywhere we look these days- from U.S.  shale to massive Turkmenistan reserves- natural gas seems to be the energy source of the future. Back in 2006 Turkmenistan claimed to have found a field of up to 24 Trillion Cubic Meters of … [Read more...]

How Shale Gas Might Transform the Energy Markets

By Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Report In the midst of roller-coaster oil prices and a global reassessment of nuclear power, in early April a key development in the natural gas arena slipped by mostly unnoticed: a report from the U.S. Energy … [Read more...]

New Energy Trend in Japan?

Trends in Energy-- In the wake of the massive nuclear tragedy in Japan the unthinkable has happened in a nation known for their efficiency of design. This is causing the entire nation and possibly the world to re-evaluate their energy choices. Is … [Read more...]

5 Energy markets that will help you thrive in 2011

In today's short video I'm going to show you some of the markets that I'm looking at in the energy complex. We're going to be looking at coal, oil, solar and some other large energy companies and ETF's. As this is a short video, be sure to check … [Read more...]

Where Are Oil and Gas Prices Heading Next?

By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist, Casey Research Oil is heading to US$200 per barrel. This isn’t speculation but hard fact. But forewarned is forearmed, and with this price expected within the next five years, investors have plenty of time … [Read more...]