Gold Up Almost Everywhere in 2014

When looking at prices of anything from cars to oil to gold or stocks... we need to keep in mind our personal frame of reference. We see prices as they are priced in our currency i.e. the currency that we earn in. Companies International companies … [Read more...]

The Story of Gold’s Future History

In today's post Grant Williams looks at a hypothetical story of the "history" of gold looking back from the future which could have clues for how you should invest now.  ~Tim McMahon, editor Things That Make You Go Hmmm: How Could It Happen? By … [Read more...]

How “Paper Gold” Affects the Price of the Metal

Is the Gold market rigged? In today's article, Bud Conrad Chief Economist at Casey Research, takes a look at the 1000 to 1 leverage that the Gold futures market provides and how a few banks can use that to control the Gold market and drive the price … [Read more...]

A GREAT Model to Understand Gold’s Price Swings

Are Gold's price swings as truly unpredictable as Bernanke, Yellen and Greenspan would have you believe? Is gold really a  Barbarous relic with no place in a modern portfolio? Or is gold a valid insurance policy against the Fed's $4 trillion balance … [Read more...]

Doug Casey: “Gold Stocks Are About to Create a Whole New Class of Millionaires”

By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst Bear markets always end. Has this one? Evidence is mounting that the bottom for gold may be in. While there's still risk, there's a new air of bullishness in the industry, something we haven't seen … [Read more...]

Is Gold’s Bullish Turn Sustainable?

Gold has been outperforming both stocks and long-dated Treasuries in recent weeks. Below are four possible scenarios for the yellow metal looking out several weeks: A short-lived rally induced by Syria An inflation-fueled and sustainable push … [Read more...]

Poor Economy = Low Gold Price?

Often we have preconceived notions about what affects the price of gold. Commonly it is believed that inflation is the primary factor in the price of gold but in an article entitled Is Gold really a good Inflation Hedge? I showed the history of Gold … [Read more...]

Why the Sell-Off in Gold is Good News

Yesterday, Gold fell by $49 an ounce. From the Financial Times: Gold has tumbled to its lowest level in nearly three years, putting it on track for its biggest quarterly fall since the collapse in 1971 of the Bretton Woods system of exchange rates, … [Read more...]

Buy Gold and Silver NOW

By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst You've undoubtedly read about the dramatic increase in demand for gold and silver bullion products since the big correction. Supply has gotten tight, premiums are rising, and inventory is hard to come … [Read more...]

Physical Gold vs. Paper Gold

Looking at the factors forcing the price of gold down last week caused me to scratch my head a bit. Even though the price of gold was falling on the futures market anecdotal evidence showed that physical gold dealers were doing a booming business as … [Read more...]