Moving Averages: Determining Trend and Avoiding Whipsaws

The moving average is a simple tool designed to help you easily determine the underlying financial trend of a stock, bond, commodity, mutual fund, or any other financial instrument. According to Wikipedia a moving average is "commonly used with time … [Read more...]

How to Spot High-Probability Trading Opportunities

Discover the Dynamics of Using Moving Averages The "moving average" is a technical indicator which has stood the test of time. Nearly 25 years ago, Robert Prechter described this indicator in his famous essay, "What a Trader Really Needs to be … [Read more...]

DJIA’s 200-Day Moving Average: Will the Dow stay above or below this demarcation line?

By Elliott Wave International Moving averages are one of the most widely followed indicator in technical analysis. Simply put, when the price of an index or stock stays above a particular price moving average line on a chart, that price level … [Read more...]

8 Technical Indicators Point Down from Here

Back in March of 2009 at the peak of bearishness when almost everyone else was predicting the end of the world (or at least the end of the stock market) Robert Prechter took an extremely contrarian position and called for a rally from that point.  … [Read more...]

How Elliott Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

The Wave Principle identifies trend, countertrend, maturity of a trend -- and more. by Editorial Staff The following article is an excerpt from Elliott Wave International's Trader's Classroom Collection. Every trader, every analyst and every … [Read more...]

What is the “Elliott Wave Principle”?

In the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott, a corporate accountant by profession, studied price movements in the financial markets and observed that certain patterns repeat themselves. He offered proof of his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock … [Read more...]