Will India Stop Buying Gold?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research We've read mixed reports about how lofty gold and silver prices are affecting demand in India. One month we're told demand is up, and the next it's supposedly down. I'm not suggesting that official reports are … [Read more...]

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Time to Accumulate Gold and Silver

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research Do you own enough gold and silver for what lies ahead? If 10% of your total investable assets (i.e., excluding equity in your primary residence) aren't held in various forms of gold and silver, we at Casey Research … [Read more...]

The Face of Volatility

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research On February 29, gold dropped 4.8% and silver 6.2% (based on London fix prices). That's quite the fall for one day. We've seen prices that have risen that much, too. But as I'm about to show, these ain't nothin', … [Read more...]

When Will Silver Reach a New High?

By Andrey Dashkov, Casey Research In last week's Metals, Mining, and Money from Casey Research, Jeff Clark estimated that given the magnitude of the correction that started last September, it may take until May 2012 for gold to reach a new high. … [Read more...]

Was 2011 a Dud or a Springboard for Gold?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research 2011 was remarkable in many ways for the precious metals markets. Gold soared to new highs in early September, hitting at an intraday record of $1,920/ounce on the fifth. Silver screamed to within a hair of $50 on … [Read more...]

Gold vs. Silver Ratio

As anyone who has read my articles for any length of time knows, I am a big fan of ratios. I find them very useful for tracking the comparative value of things especially when presented in chart form. Over the years I have tracked the Gold vs Oil … [Read more...]

Are We Running Out of Silver?

(Excerpt from the Casey Research 2011 Silver Investing Guide) Silver has been on fire over the last three years — substantially outperforming its spotlight-grabbing cousin, gold. Because we believe this bull run is far from over, we advise … [Read more...]

Test Your Knowledge of Silver

Silver is a hot topic these days even with the recent sell-off. So how much do you know about the metal and its underlying fundamentals?  What caused its price increase? Mine production? Household use? Government holdings? In this article Jeff … [Read more...]

The Gold-Silver Ratio –Another Look

by Andrey Dashkov, Casey International Speculator The gold-silver ratio (GSR) measures how many ounces of silver one can purchase for an ounce of gold, on a certain date. Reference to the ratio has a long history. One of the first mentions was … [Read more...]

A Word on the Silver Correction

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research Today I’d like to share a couple of thoughts on the matter of the correction in commodities about which we have been so vocally warning, and which has now occurred. After having written in … [Read more...]