2008 Financial Crisis- Then vs. Now

ARE U.S. BANKS SAFER TODAY THAN THEY WERE IN 2008? By Chris Vermeulen Although the seeds of the 2008 financial crisis were sown at a much earlier period of time, the banking institutions continued to reap the benefits of easy money until the … [Read more...]

Savings Tips for Brits

The Bank of England's recent announcement on interest rates represented a double-edged sword for savers. Under the new leadership of Mark Carney, the bank unveiled a radical new policy of 'forward guidance' that promises to keep rates on hold until … [Read more...]

Bank Safety: How to Protect Your Cash in Times of Crisis

Do you really want the bulk of your life savings sitting with one company? What if they go belly-up? Can you afford to have a major portion of your nest egg tied up for months while the FDIC and/or the SIPC tries to sort things out?  FDIC and SIPC … [Read more...]

What is Basel III and Will it Help Avert Another Banking Crisis?

The Third Basel Accord (i.e. Basel III) is a voluntary global regulatory standard on banks requiring adequate capital and providing stress testing and market liquidity guidelines. Members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision agreed on the … [Read more...]

If Cyprus Is the Bellwether, Canada Is the Red Flag

Why is Canada making Cyprus-style preparations? By Jeff Thomas, International Man An intriguing article titled "Canada Includes Depositor Haircut Bail-In Provision for Systemically Important Banks in 2013 Budget" was recently published in SD … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn from the Crisis In Cyprus

Often we take the ability to access our funds in the bank for granted. But it wasn't always this way. Throughout history there have been runs on the bank. People fear that they won't be able to get their money out and all rush to the bank at once to … [Read more...]

Bahrain Business and Banking: Hidden Potential

When you think of banking in the Middle East the Emirates and Dubai are generally the first to come to mind. However, away from the main stage, the kingdom of Bahrain holds much of the hidden potential which could bring the whole region to new levels … [Read more...]

Portfolio Insurance: A Concern for Industry Regulators?

Most people are familiar with the traditional forms of insurance: home, life, auto, fire and more recently, disaster insurance. What you may not be familiar with is "Portfolio Insurance." These are the non-traditional and non-insurance forms – … [Read more...]

The Fed’s sole purpose: keeping the banks afloat

Is the Federal Reserve really doing such a bad job… or does it actually do exactly what it's supposed to do, but the average American is in the dark about what that is? In this explosive video, Casey Summit speaker G. Edward Griffin, author of The … [Read more...]

Is Wal-Mart Getting into Banking?

Wal-mart is often on the cutting edge of sales, working to streamline and somehow wring a few more pennies out of each sale. And for good reason, with 200 million customers a week, a penny per customer multiplies to 2 million dollars a week or over … [Read more...]