Invest in Structured Bonds?

By Tim McMahon, editor What Are Structured Bonds? First let’s look at what makes up a bond. A bond is a form of debt where a company borrows money from investors and has a certain expiration date called a “Maturity Date”. The interest rate that the … [Read more...]

The Light Bulb Moment for the Eurozone

EWI's free EU debt report sheds some light on what's in store How many European bankers does it take to change a light bulb? That's a joke in search of an answer, but EWI's European analyst Brian Whitmer explained five months ago that the "light … [Read more...]

How to Invest for Safety

There are many ways to invest and you need to understand all the tools at your disposal in order to invest safely and wisely. In this article Steve McDonald explores an area of the market that has been ignored in recent years but should be better … [Read more...]

Major Disaster Developing For Bond Holders

Long-term U.S. Treasury bonds have fallen 7% in value since November 1 and municipal bonds have fallen 6%. "Safe" investments like Treasury's and Munis are not supposed to crash they are the mainstay of widows and orphans. So What's happening? For … [Read more...]

Are “High Yield Bonds” the Next to Go Up in Flames?

Many have turned to high yield bonds as their investment of choice but are they the next thing to go up in flames? -- editor How a "Dull" Investment Can Be a Great Investment ...until it isn't any more. An important story for today's bond … [Read more...]

Moving into Bonds: From Frying Pan to Fire

By David Galland and Kevin Brekke, Casey Research The other day, I came across an article that said, while individuals may be moving their money out of equities, they have been moving into bond funds – and in a big way. It’s called jumping from … [Read more...]

Stocks and Commodities Stronger than Bonds

The Long-Term Case for Stocks and Commodities By Chris Ciovacco In their understandably concerned state of mind in the present day, investors may have lost sight of the longer-term drivers of asset prices. Bonds, especially U.S. Treasuries, have … [Read more...]