The Gold Investor’s Biggest Risk

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research While we're convinced that our gold and silver investments will pay off, they don't come without risk. What do you suppose is the biggest risk we face? Another 2008-style selloff? Gold stocks never breaking out of … [Read more...]

How to Preserve Your Capital in a Depression

In this article Doug Casey presents the case that we are in the early stages of an inflationary depression, commodities are soaring and next will be retail prices. In an inflationary depression financial assets aren't worth the paper they are printed … [Read more...]

Just Your Average 300-Year Bear Market?

Long-Term Trend Forecasting is Actually Easier than Short-Term By Robert Jay Most people who analyze the present give too little thought to the past, even when previous decades or centuries offer acutely relevant information.   This is … [Read more...]

Stocks Setting up for Big Slide

By Tim McMahon, editor Historically whenever the 10-year Treasury yield drops 1.2% over a short period of time a bear market for stocks resulted within two months  .  This signal presaged steep market crashes in 1990, 2000, and 2007. The … [Read more...]

A Central Bank’s Toolkit to fight a Depression

By Ted Peroulakis I know as you read this, you are aware that America and the world are currently experiencing an economic crisis. Many economic experts say we could be heading towards a worsening recession or even a depression. In this … [Read more...]

Can the Feds Lie Their Way Out of a Depression?

By Rusty McDougal You know they are trying to accomplish this ignominious feat. The goal is to keep Americans in an economic stupor. It is working. Lies and deceit are pervasive. Newspapers, magazines, TV broadcasts, economic analysis and … [Read more...]

Elliott Wave Books

Anyone who has spent much time on this site is familiar with Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave. His fantastic team has been providing us with individual articles and links to some excellent information over at Their experienced … [Read more...]

Can the Government Stop Another Great Depression?

The following article is excerpted from a recent issue Elliott Wave International’s Financial Forecast. Elliott Wave International (EWI) is offering the full 10-page issue, entitled “The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read in 2009,” free … [Read more...]

Special Market Alert! Have we seen the bottom?

On Wednesday March 12th the market neared its October lows but extremely significantly DID NOT break through to new LOWS! This is extremely Bullish! The following table shows the October lows compared to the March lows. … [Read more...]

An Investment Lesson from Deflation Scares

On November 6, 2002, The Wall Street Journal, in a front-page article entitled “Inside the FED, Deflation draws a closer look”, stated that the FED was discussing the possibility of deflation at a country inn in Woodstock, VT. It said “central bank … [Read more...]