Stock Market Basics

Bulls and Bears Whenever the stock markets set new highs, a whole universe of business pundits and supposed experts pontificate on the meaning and consequences of the records. Some are bears that predict a coming collapse; others, the bulls, point … [Read more...]

Alternatives to Trading in a Shaky Economy

Almost six years later, the recession of 2007-2008 hovers on the edge of rearing its ugly head again unless the major world economies find a way to stabilize and steadily grow. The unemployment rate and the American economy have had some relief, … [Read more...]

Do You Have Enough Retirement Income to Not Worry?

Retirement is supposed to be enjoyable but it is difficult to enjoy it if you have to worry about money. In recent years retirement has changed. Previously, pensions were common and when you retired you could rely on a steady income for the rest of … [Read more...]

Three cheers for the Dow

The Dow has been setting record highs for over a week now. You'd think the economy was booming or something. But as I've said before perhaps it is all just "funny money."  Is it possible that even though inflation isn't affecting the price of most … [Read more...]

Catastrophe Bonds

Anytime a hurricane or other natural disaster is predicted to strike, it causes widespread uncertainty in the stock market. Although the people who are in the path of an upcoming storm place their focus on staying safe and protecting their homes and … [Read more...]

The Five Key Investment Criteria

by Dennis Miller Do not do what I did and start reading newsletters and buying into investments because they sound like winners. A recent reader question is from Alex L, who is a member of my Super Sports Roadster club, a “collaborator-friend,” and … [Read more...]

The Risks and Rewards of High Dividend Stocks

High dividend stocks are traditionally seen as a safer, less exciting method of investing, often useful for producing a steady, if unspectacular return on investment. Dividend stocks are available from more mature companies that produce a stable … [Read more...]

Oil Market Bottoming?

Will John Fredriksen's $11 Billion Gamble Pay Off? John Fredriksen, the shipping magnate worth $13.2 billion is one of the most powerful, respected, and even feared men in the global oil and gas market. He controls the world's largest fleet of … [Read more...]

Explain Mutual Funds– Please?

Mutual Funds- Do you worry about your teen or 20-something's financial choices? Although the world of investing may be second nature to you at this point in your life, often teens and even college grads don't understand anything about investing. … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Avoid Bad Investments

Avoiding Bad Investments- Investing can be scary and confusing.  You may be dealing with someone who has a conflict of interest with what they’re selling, but you don’t want to miss out on what seems like a great opportunity -- even if you don’t … [Read more...]