The Trend Toward Buying Online is Growing

Clicks vs. Bricks With the huge popularity of the internet it's no longer uncommon for people to do their discretionary shopping online. The trend is towards more and more online purchases. According to the U.S. Census Bureau News, eCommerce for the … [Read more...]

Celsion: Breaking Down a Biotech Winner

by Alex Daley, Casey ResearchTraditional cancer treatment options are little more than a crude mix of "slash, burn, and poison"—that is surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. There are radical new treatments in labs and trials all over the world that … [Read more...]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Trends

What’s Going on in CRM? By Doug Hornig, Casey Research In Mike Judge's wicked 1999 satire of corporate culture, Office Space, there's a delightful character named Milton. Poor Milton. He's all but invisible. No one likes him, no one talks to him, … [Read more...]

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Decreased Tech Prices vs Expensive Health Care

 Since technology has become cheaper and cheaper over the years but with increased capabilities, you'd think that it would migrate over to health care as well. Daley and Hornig of Casey Research explain why this isn't so. ~ editor “Why Your Health … [Read more...]

Commerce is Going Mobile

Mobile Commerce According to Wikipedia- Mobile Commerce, also known as M-Commerce or mCommerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a smartphone, or other emerging … [Read more...]

Digital Natives

Are you a "digital native" -- born since 1984 -- who can't even imagine a world without technology? ~editor Is the Generational Divide in Technology Widening? By Alex Daley, Casey Research My son doesn't know how to use a mouse. He … [Read more...]

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Is Animal Testing about to become Obsolete?

By Chris Wood, Casey Research As an analyst who spends a great deal of time researching biotech and pharma companies, I'm well aware of the challenges facing the drug industry in the US today. From onerous regulation and an approval process that … [Read more...]

Rare Earth Investment Update

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research We've received a number of inquiries from Casey Research subscribers about our opinion on the current rare earth metals market. We have covered this topic previously, but this article, we'll take a fresh look. As a … [Read more...]

The State of US Surveillance

By Doug Hornig, Casey Research Lovers of liberty have seemingly had a good bit to celebrate recently. First, there was an unprecedented outpouring of negative public sentiment about the Congressional bills SOPA (House) and PIPA (Senate); they … [Read more...]

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Fighting Cancer Ourselves

By Chris Wood, Casey Extraordinary Technology Worldwide, tens of thousands of researchers are working feverishly on a cure for cancer, testing countless new drugs and dozens of novel approaches. Most will end up in the dustbin. But among the most … [Read more...]