Global Carbon Trading System on the Verge of Collapse

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the only global carbon trading system which is designed to create funding to give poor countries access to new energy technologies; and it is on the verge of collapse. The UN's system has raised billions of … [Read more...]

Government Roadblocks to Prosperity

Editor's Note: Anyone who has ever taken Economics 101 knows that the free market is more efficient than top down governmental planning at efficiently distributing goods and services at the lowest possible price. But often governmental bureaucrats … [Read more...]

Could We Base Governmental Salaries on Performance?

Editor's Note: What if Presidential salaries were paid based on a true free market system? Is it possible to pay the President and Congress on Commission? Could governmental salaries be based on performance? Would it work? What effect would it … [Read more...]

The Best Presidential Candidate No One’s Heard Of

Gary Johnson is running for the Republican nomination for president. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. Precious few people do. He is the longest of long shots, with little money, a bare-bones grassroots organization and parsimonious media … [Read more...]

The Problem with Seeing Government as God

By David Galland, The Casey Report While I haven't made a scientific study of the topic, I suspect the leading genre for popular entertainment – and for popular delusions of crowds, for that matter – revolves around magical worlds. As … [Read more...]

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Doug Casey: “Government is a monopoly of force”

An excerpt of Doug’s musings on why “the problems we’re facing are 100% caused by the US government” – from the recent Casey/Sprott Summit When Money Dies. Listen to Doug’s complete summit speech – plus those of more than 27 renowned financial … [Read more...]

Surviving the Death of Money

Source: Karen Roche and JT Long of The Gold Report When the currency system as we know it dies, some people will become very wealthy. In this special report from the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. Summit "When Money Dies," The Gold Report … [Read more...]

Nuclear Energy Trends- Germany

Everything in life has a cost. We are constantly weighing the cost vs the benefit in everything we do... whether we think about it that way or not.Is it worth the risk of getting a speeding ticket to get there five minutes faster?  What are the … [Read more...]

The Coming Currency Crisis

This essay from the July 2006 International Speculator captures the essence of Bud Conrad's forward-looking, contrarian analysis… almost eerily so as we appear to be on the brink of the economic precipice described herein. By Bud Conrad, Casey … [Read more...]

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Market Parallels to 2000 and 2008

The typical financial disclaimer reads, "the past is no predictor of the future" but learning from historical markets is definately a good thing to do. For some time now Robert Prechter has been telling us to expect a double dip with 2008 being the … [Read more...]