Refinancing Your Home Mortgage

Refinancing your home mortgage to a lower rate will not only reduce your monthly payments, it will also significantly reduce your overall debt burden. One percentage point in interest rates can add up to many thousands of dollars in savings in … [Read more...]

Prices of Real Estate in Chandigarh India are Surging!

Editor's Note: Today we are presenting a unique article on Real Estate in India. In the past we have covered Housing and Real Estate  in general, Mortgages, Home Owners Insurance,  refinancing, foreclosure, Overseas Investing and Dubai Real Estate … [Read more...]

Sell My House Quickly

What if I Need to Sell My House Quickly? There are times when it is a "seller's market" and homes sell quickly. This is not one of them. With all the foreclosures on the market, buyers have an abundance of houses to choose from.  Some markets have … [Read more...]

Guide to Real Estate Investing

During the first few years of the new Millennium, Real Estate Investing was all the rage. People believed that housing prices only went up and never down. Real Estate was seen as the easy road to riches, courses and seminars on real estate investing … [Read more...]

Is Bernanke Stuck in a Housing Time Warp?

Current FED Policy Doesn't Make Sense Could the FED really think that low interest rates are good for savers? Is housing really a vehicle for saving? Is it a good idea to use your home equity as an ATM machine? Should the government be … [Read more...]

Housing Needs a One Handed Economist

Harry Truman in a fit of exasperation over the advice he was getting from his economic adviser said that what he really needed was a one-handed economist. This stems from a tendency of economic analysis to offer alternatives simultaneously, creating … [Read more...]