With Summers Out: Which Way for Stocks?

I've never been a fan of Larry Summers. Perhaps he was too smart for his own good. After all, he was responsible for driving Jack Meyer out of managing the Harvard endowment fund. Meyer took the Harvard Endowment from $4.8 billion to $25.9 billion in … [Read more...]

Is Obama’s Black Swan Coming Soon?

What is a "Black Swan"? According to Wikipedia... The phrase "black swan" was a common expression in 16th century London as a statement of impossibility. The London expression derives from the Old World presumption that all swans must be white … [Read more...]

Signs of the Top

It  may seem like we are constantly beating the drum of a top in the market with recent articles like  the NASDAQ ROC stock commentary , Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls and today's Signs of the Top, but each of these articles was developed … [Read more...]

Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls

In my recent NASDAQ ROC stock commentary I said, Caution: Watch for the next sell signal. From the sell signal in July of 1996 to the final Sell signal in April of 2000 was roughly 3 ½ years. The time from the sell signal in April 2004 until the … [Read more...]

Tapering vs. Economy And Trends

Everyone is aware that the "recovery" is lame and is primarily an illusion due to the printing of funny money by the FED. What effect will it have if the FED shut off the spigot over night? Well just the thought of that idea recently sent shivers … [Read more...]

Economic & Fed Confusion Reign In Markets

In today's article Chris Ciovacco looks at the current battle between Bulls and Bears in the market and what we should watch closely and what we should do about it. Is this just a correction or has the market made a new high?  ~Tim McMahon, … [Read more...]

Will Wednesday’s Fed Minutes Spark Sell-Off?

Since the S&P 500 made an intraday low of 1,536 on April 18, the widely-followed stock index has tacked on 130 points and the markets have migrated back to full-bore risk-on mode. Wednesday Winddown? Two key events this Wednesday could give … [Read more...]

Stock Market: When Do I Buy a “Buy”?

As an individual investor I read quite a few investment newsletters and investing websites in addition to what I publish here on Financial Trend Forecaster and so I am usually inundated with multitudes of recommendations on various investment ideas. … [Read more...]

Stock Market Basics

Bulls and Bears Whenever the stock markets set new highs, a whole universe of business pundits and supposed experts pontificate on the meaning and consequences of the records. Some are bears that predict a coming collapse; others, the bulls, point … [Read more...]

The State of the Toronto Stock Exchange

From humble beginnings, the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX" or "the Exchange") has expanded significantly and is currently the largest stock exchange in  Canada and the seventh largest across the globe (based on total market capitalization). In North … [Read more...]